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<Please Note, this is NOT the price for the Complete Bike! The price for the complete bike will start from Rs. 2,49,000 Onwards.>

CEEPO has a long history of road and triathlon bike innovation and is at the forefront of testing and optimisation. The Mamba-R benefits greatly from this history and its shape is no accident. Every aspect from the fork integration to the wheel arches on the downtube and seat tube, are carefully designed to allow you to slice through the air while still remaining comfortable and in control. With the Mamba-R, neither long days or short sprints are a problem since Ceepo frames balance performance for multiple conditions.

Light weight has also been considered and the end result rivals all its peers. A low starting weight allows riders more freedom to mix n match componentry and achieve outstanding complete build weights.

Ceepo is a brand which specialises in ONLY CARBON bikes. Their geometries are made for performance-demanding athletes in endurance, racing and triathlons!

Mastermind Bicycle Studio is proud to be the EXCLUSIVE Distributor of India for Ceepo Bicycles. To buy Ceepo, you can visit our retail stores, or online on this site.

Mamba-R UCI Legal

Applying to be recognized as a UCI legal frameset meant that we could cut no corners. The qualification allows riders to enter any race and ride with more confidence. This has elevated the Mamba-R to deserve recognition as one of our best sellers.

Mamba-R : Stable And Secure

A stable bike allows for an enjoyable riding experience and most of all controlled handling. With Mamba-R, Ceepo have managed to maintain the key component of stability, for consistent power transfer and safe descents.

The Mamba-R has all the benefits of disc brakes and you can feel safe in the knowledge that stopping will not be a problem. The matching through axle designs add all the benefits of extra lateral stiffness.

Mamba-R Tire Clearance:

The Mamba-R keeps up with the 'wider is better' trends we now see in biking. With enough clearance to allow for tires up to 32mm, the frame is future-proofed and ready for anything you want to throw at it. This extra clearance gives riders a broader range of rims and wheelsets to choose from too.


Carbon: Low void process and “A“-type carbon layers for lighter weight and increased stiffness

Aero Tubes: All tube sections are truncated airfoils. BB area is clean and streamlines. Fork and seat stays are wide for clearance and reduced turbulence.

BB Type: EVO 386 wide BB area designed to allow smooth airflow.

Seat Tube: Recessed seat tube bottle cage area. ​

Brakes: Thru-axle 12mm front and rear.

Reversible Seat Post: For a wide range of saddle adjustability.​

Ceepo is for the versatile rider! Experience the magic of premium bike.

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