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Katana Mid to long-course performer

The Katana is named after the Japanese short sword 刀 or かたな developed over centuries is a source of inspiration, not only in name but form and function: a quick handling weapon due to its elegant curved, slender, single-edged blade. Regarded as both a devastating weapon and work of art, the Katana is light, practical and effective. 

The Katana hits the sweet spot for Ceepo, combining efficiency, stability and capability in a well-crafted aerodynamic solution for triathlon racing. 

Versatile Race Machine: The Katana is a bike for every occasion, efficient on a variety of courses across all event distances - sprint, half and full ironman distances. More importantly, the Katana can go fast regardless of the terrain. Hilly, windy, straight or flat. The Katana does it all.

The Kanata is a stable, fast accelerating platform. There is a reason so many of Ceepo’s athletes choose this weapon for all their endeavors.

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