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The Italian brand Carbon-Ti is dedicated to the production of premium quality bike components. Carbon Ti are the first to make chainrings with carbon fibre internal structure and titanium alloy teeth.

This combination of materials ensures lightweightness, rigidity and wear resistance. It also adds an X factor look to your bike.

The Carbon Ti chainrings are 100% Made in Italy. We at MasterMind Bikes are proud to be an exclusive distributor of Carbon TI.

The Factor O2 with Carbon Ti Oval Chainring


The new asymmetrical (Oval) X-CarboCam chainrings are made from a mix of materials. The main component is carbon in perfect Italian milling art, with a toothed ring made of aluminum and titanium elements.

This makes the CARBON TI CarboCam chainring the best example of sensible use of materials in terms of durability and weight.
The matching small chainring CARBON TI X-RoadCam is made entirely of aluminum.

The back of the carbon chainring is artfully milled to save even the last gram and to enable perfect shifting behavior. The durability is guaranteed by the use of aluminum as tooth material.
The chainring is also designed as an oval chainring, which accommodates the Biorhythm while pedaling. This makes it easier to overcome dead spots and after a short familiarization with the other pedaling behavior, the advantages are clearly noticeable. The rounder kick offers you a significantly more efficient and powerful power delivery.
The chainring is suitable for double sprocket sets with 5-hole mount and 110 mm bolt circle diameter . It can be used with both 10-speed and 11-speed drives.

Why Oval Chainrings ?

´The drivetrain in the heart of the bicycle. Conventionally we’ve had circular chainrings in the drivetrain.

Oval chainrings changes the overall dynamics of motion. The pedal continues to move in a locus of oval pattern whereas the gear ratio continuously changes making the power stroke more effective and recovery stroke shorter.

This increases the recovery time and deepens the power stroke giving the additional advantage.


1.Maximises the strongest part of your pedal stroke.

2.Minimises the weakest part of your pedal stroke.

Advantages of this:

1.Maximum gear ratio in power stroke

2.Min gear ratio in recovery stroke( Faster angular velocity)

3.Gives better efficiency and stroke effectiveness compared to circular

4.Eliminates dead spot in a pedal stroke.

5.Consume less energy at same power output and can ride for longer/faster.

OVAL Chainrings offer approximately:

1.9% increase force effectiveness

2.7% less oxygen consumption

3.15% less ventilation

4.10% less Heartrate

(Source: AbsoluteBlack )


Use : Road & Triathlon
Material: Carbon, Aluminum, Titanium
Technology: Narrow wide
Bolt circle diameter : 110 mm
Attachment: 5-arm spider
Number of teeth: 50/36 teeth
Compatibility cranks : Standard compact cranks with 5-hole 110 mm
Compatibility chain: 10-speed , 11-speed
Assembly: outside
Offset: Standard
Weight according to the manufacturer: 111g

At just 111g, the X-CarboCam + X-RoadCam is one of the lightest compact chainrings on the market.

This is the smartest upgrade one can have.

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