C-Bear T47A Asymmetrical 77mm BB Shell Shimano/Raceface/Rotor3D

Rs. 26,900.00


C-Bear are ceramic bearing specialists, they focus on what they know best.

All their products come standard with ceramic bearings, the ultimate when you want less friction, longevity and affordable pricing. All C-Bear bottom brackets are housed in aluminium, there is no plastic here. Metal alloy housings have almost no flex, do not deform, and are made with higher precision and tighter tolerances. By placing the ceramic bearings directly next to the crank arm, optimal stiffness and maximum power transfer is achieved.

Mastermind Bicycle Studio is proud to be the EXCLUSIVE Distributor of India for C-Bear.

T47A – 24 Shimano / Race Face / Rotor 3D

C-Bear T47A – 24 Shimano / Race Face / Rotor 3D bottom bracket for pairing with 24 axle to fit asymmetrical frames of 77mm width such as Cervelo, Factor, Felt
where one bearing sits “inboard” and the other “outboard”.

Each set of C-Bear T47A – 24 Shimano / Race Face / Rotor 3D  botttom bracket comes standard with

1) 2x precision CNC aluminium housings/cups,
2) 2x dual sealed C-Bear ceramic bearings*
3) 2x dust covers,
4) 1x sleeve to prevent internal cabling, bleeding hose from rubbing against the fast spinning axle.


Transform Your Ride: Discover the Superior Performance 

The C-Bear T47A – This  Bottom Bracket is the epitome of precision engineering and performance, designed to enhance your cycling experience with unmatched smoothness and efficiency. Compatible with Shimano, Race Face, and Rotor 3D cranksets, this bottom bracket stands out due to its superior construction and innovative design.


At the heart of the T47A , are its ceramic bearings, renowned for their exceptional smoothness and durability. Ceramic bearings are lighter and harder than traditional steel bearings, resulting in significantly reduced friction and increased longevity. This means that your pedaling becomes more efficient, translating into a ride that feels effortless and fluid. The reduced resistance also aids in preserving energy, making climbs easier and sprints more powerful.

Unmatched Smoothness and Efficiency

Each set of the C-Bear T47A  comes standard with precision CNC aluminum housings/cups that ensure a perfect fit and alignment. The dual-sealed C-Bear ceramic bearings protect against dirt and moisture, ensuring longevity and consistent performance. Additionally, the dust covers and a protective sleeve are included to prevent internal cabling and hoses from rubbing against the spinning axle, further enhancing durability and reliability.


Whether you're a competitive racer or a recreational cyclist, the C-Bear T47A  Bottom Bracket offers a significant upgrade to your bike's performance. Experience smoother rides and increased efficiency with this high-quality component designed to withstand the rigors of intense cycling. Invest in the C-Bear T47A – 24 for a superior riding experience.

Featuring Ceramic Speed bearings for effortless rides and lasting performance, it's your go-to choice for enhanced cycling efficiency!

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