C-Bear BB30 Shimano/FSA/Raceface/Rotor3D

Rs. 22,900.00

C-Bear are ceramic bearing specialists, they focus on what they know best.

All their products come standard with ceramic bearings, the ultimate when you want less friction, longevity, and affordable pricing. All C-Bear bottom brackets are housed in aluminium, there is no plastic here. Metal alloy housings have almost no flex, do not deform, and are made with higher precision and tighter tolerances. By placing the ceramic bearings directly next to the crank arm, optimal stiffness and maximum power transfer is achieved.

Mastermind Bicycle Studio is proud to be the EXCLUSIVE Distributor of India for C-Bear.

C-Bear BB30 Shimano/FSA/Raceface/Rotor3D

C-Bear BB30 Shimano/Race Face/Rotor 3D bottom braceket

Each set of BB30 Shimano/Race Face/Rotor 3D comes standard with:
1. 2x precision CNC aluminium bottom bracket housings/cups
2. 2x dual sealed C-Bear ceramic bearings, R (road/race) or AC (all conditions) ceramic bearings*
3. 2x dust covers
4. 1x sleeve to prevent internal cabling, bleeding hose… from rubbing against the fast spinning axle.

*2 ceramic bearing options since C-Bear inception in 2007 One size does not fit all #pioneer #befirst:
1) R (road/race) least friction option or
2) AC (all conditions): Cyclocross/Gravel/MTB ceramic bearings, with added features for additional protection against moisture, debris wet weather


Optimized Power Transfer and Lightweight Design

The 30mm spindle of the C-Bear BB30 bottom bracket enhances stiffness compared to traditional bottom brackets, effectively transferring power from pedal strokes to the rear wheel with minimal energy loss.


This stiffness is particularly beneficial for sprinting and climbing efforts, where responsiveness and efficiency are critical. Moreover, the BB30 standard's lightweight construction contributes to overall bike weight reduction, improving acceleration and handling characteristics, especially in demanding terrain and competitive environments.

Smooth Performance and Longevity

Riders benefit from the smooth and reliable performance of the C-Bear BB30 bottom bracket due to its high-quality bearings and precise engineering. The bearings are designed to withstand rigorous riding conditions, providing consistent performance over extended periods without compromising smoothness.


 Reduced friction ensures that each pedal stroke feels effortless, enabling cyclists to maintain optimal cadence and power output throughout their rides. Additionally, the durable construction of the bottom bracket minimizes maintenance requirements, offering peace of mind to riders who prioritize reliability and durability in their cycling components.

featuring ceramic speed bearings for effortless rides and lasting performance, it's your go-to choice for enhanced cycling efficiency!

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