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Black Inc brand is a sister-company of the very popular FACTOR Bikes.

Black Inc is known to use the best materials, craftsmanship, and passionate engineering, to create the highest level of Wheels and Components for the discerning and demanding Cyclist.

To produce the best quality Wheelsets and Bike Components, Black Inc's engineers have the latest Finite Element Analysis (FEA), Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), and Rapid Prototyping software at their disposal.

Mastermind Bicycle Studio is proud to be the Exclusive Distributor in India for Factor Bikes and Black Inc Components. We are the Only Authorised Seller in India for these two world class brands.

What are Disc Wheels ?

Disc wheels are solid or covered wheels designed to improve airflow around the rear end of the bike and reduce drag. They became popular in the early ’80s when Francesco Moser broke the cycling world hour record on the track riding front and rear discs. Triathletes were early adopters too. These wheels are slowly becoming very popular among the serious TT and Tri Cyclists.

Disc wheels are more aerodynamic than spoked wheels and that means you will go faster when riding a disc wheel. Even though the disc wheels weigh heavier, but the amount of momentum which they gather is tremendous.

The biggest myth about disc wheels is that they are unmanageable in crosswinds. This is not true except for front discs – and you’d have to be suicidal to ride one of those on a windy day. A rear disc wheel will not react in the same way because it doesn’t sit under your steering axis, so it will only move as much as the rest of the bike does when subject to side forces. You will barely feel a difference compared with a normal spoked wheel. The real problem in crosswinds is with the front wheel, so don’t go too deep when it’s windy.


This Rear Wheel is the best and the fastest option for the Time Trialists and Triathletes, being the best upgrade for TT and Tri Bikes.

Engineered in Wind Tunnel

This wheel is engineered for the best balance of speed, torsional stiffness and braking control, giving confidence to the rider always.

Monocoque Construction

  • The wheel is manufactured with Black Inc's propreitary Structural Monocoque Construction process.

Exquisite Finish

  • Finish: Black gloss on TexTreme carbon weave gives the most premium look and feel to the wheel, worthy of your beloved bike.

Sturdy Hub Body

The Hub body is made from high modulus aluminium, to give a solid stability to the wheel at high speeds.

Options to choose

While ordering the wheels, you need to mention whether you are looking for clincher or tubular. Both options are available.

Important Information

1. Approved for Maximum Rider Weight of 100 kgs

2. Recommended Tyre Width 23mm to 25mm

3. UCI Professional Team Tested

4. Weight = 1350 Grams

5. Tube hole compatibility - Presta

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