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Black Inc brand is a sister-company of the very popular FACTOR Bikes.

Black Inc is known to use the best materials, craftsmanship, and passionate engineering, to create the highest level of Wheels and Components for the discerning and demanding Cyclist.

To produce the best quality Wheelsets and Bike Components, Black Inc's engineers have the latest Finite Element Analysis (FEA), Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), and Rapid Prototyping software at their disposal.

Mastermind Bicycle Studio is proud to be the Exclusive Distributor in India for Factor Bikes and Black Inc Components. We are the Only Authorised Seller in India for these two world class brands.

The Special Edition Black Inc Fifty Team Wheels

Whether you are sprinting, attacking or climbing, the Black Inc FIFTY is the go-to-wheel for most conditions.

The FIFTY is optimal for the steepest climbs and the windiest of days. Professionals choose the Black Inc FIFTY when they need a wheel capable of performing exceptionally well on the flat stages, but is also light enough to tackle the high mountain passes.

Testing At The Final Stage

Straight out of the Black Inc's manufacturing facility, the in-house test lab is the first stop for all Black Inc products. Having the company's own testing facility lets them have a quick turn-around of results during product development, and the ability to try different iterations of carbon layups and shapes until the brand achieves its highest goals. For production, it ensures that quality remains consistent over the lifetime of every product and under the company's own control, not relying on third-party testing.

Manufacturing Standards of Black Inc Components

Owning to the Factor and Black Inc's manufacturing facilities, it lets the company have more control over the end products. Along with having the best carbon layup technicians on the ground, the brand can ensure the continuous and consistent quality of the products according to the strict molding and testing protocols. This also allows Black Inc to produce iterations of all models faster during the product development, resulting in higher quality products with shorter development cycles.

1525 gms. Thats it.

Despite being 50mm deep, this pair of wheels only weighs 1525gms.  

Tubeless Ready Compatible

To convert this set of wheels to tubeless is very easy. All you need is kit to convert it to tubeless.

Faster Than You Think.

Upgrading to a carbon wheelset from alloy is the best upgrade one can have for his/her bike. The only question that remains is whether you will be able to handle that speed.  

Straight Pull Spokes

Pillar aero butted straight pull spokes on the Black Inc Fifty.

Stiff. Light. Fast

Carbon Fibre tends to flex under tension. The layup in the Black Inc Fifty is such that the wheel will maintain maximum stiffness, while being extremely stable, light and fast.

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Particulars Specifications

Wheelset Weight

1525 Grams


BlackInc Straight Pull Rim Brake Hubset


Pillar Aero Butted Straight Pull


Internal Brass Nipples

External Rim Width


Internal Rim Width


Minimum Recommended Tyre Width

700 x 25mm

The Easiest Upgrade for your bike is a Black Inc Wheelset!

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