One hidden force affects your speed and efficiency on the bike – friction. That’s why, when you’re optimizing your bike, it’s worth focusing on every detail, especially the small moving parts that are affected by friction.

CeramicSpeed technology focuses on reducing friction and producing bearings with an unmatched lifetime, meaning that you get to ride faster or save energy. CeramicSpeed will help you to save your watts easily and it will help you to go faster on the roads with less power transfer. The top hub technology designed by Black Inc meets the unmatched quality and lifetime of the CeramicSpeed bearings.

These Ceramic bearings are proven to be 3-5 times longer than standard wheel bearings and you will enjoy your CeramicSpeed hubs for a longer time and achieve top performance with your upgraded wheelset.

This Ceramicspeed wheelset is aerodynamically optimized for 28-32mm tyres, lightweight for days in the mountains, high volume for all roads, and it is truly the most versatile wheelset.


Tubeless wheels help you to increase your efficiency and reduced the puncture risk while riding your bicycle on the roads.

Faster Than You Think.

This wheelset's construction is optimized for stability and rider comfort which make them ideal whether you're punching up the hills, or soaring on flatter roads.


Carbon Fibre tends to flex under tension. The layup in the Black Inc Fifty is such that the wheel will maintain maximum stiffness, while being extremely stable, light and fast.


Despite being 50mm deep wheelset, this pair of wheels only weights 1500gms which feels the rider more comfortable and more faster on the climbs.

                ABOUT BLACK INC FIFTY.  

This Black Inc Ceramicspeed wheelset helps you to be faster and smoother than the normal carbon wheelset as its ceramic hub bearings make your wheel more advanced to roll out at a higher speed on the roads.

Th Black Inc Ceramicspeed bearings have a long life which increases the hub durability that makes the Black Inc Fifty wheelset stronger and faster on your bicycle.

With its unique rim profile, Black Inc has started using the Sapim quality aero variable thickness spokes and alloy nipples, which makes the Black Inc Fifty more aerodynamic, durable, comfortable and stable than any other aero wheel in the market.

Taking consideration with the peoples reviews Black Inc Fifty has a good quality brake pads which has worked well, providing an effective bite on the rims with a smooth feel.


Particulars Specifications

Wheelset Weight

1598 Grams


BlackInc Straight Pull Disc Hubset


Pillar Aero Butted Straight Pull


Internal Brass Nipples

External Rim Width


Internal Rim Width


Minimum Recommended Tyre Width

700 x 25mm

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