Athlos Mens Crew Tee (Anthracite Grey)

Athlos Mens Crew Tee (Anthracite Grey)

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Mastermind Bicycle Studio is proud to be the EXCLUSIVE retail outlet of Athlos in India.

It's no secret that Athlos are in awe of bamboo as a performance fabric. So when Athlos decided to build an all-day tee, Athlos turned to our signature bamboo blend. Featuring a sharp versatile silhouette, the crew tee lets you blend in right from the gym floor to your local cafe.

Fabric Composition - 68% bamboo + 27% Cotton & 5% Mobilon Spandex.

Recommended for - Runs Upto 8kms ,Interval Run, Gym, yoga, Treks, All Day.

Bamboo Soft Yet Hardy-A luxuriously soft fibre, the bamboo goes in our books as a freak of nature. Blended with advanced anti-odour technology, the crew tee is the perfect upgrade for all-day use. Athlos know because it tested the hard way, spending days in it through the humidity of Bombay.

Pair With Anything Every Thing-With a clean silhouette and well-defined shoulders, the crew tee pairs well with most things in your wardrobe: from your gym shorts to your jeans.

Taking A Raincheck On Odour-Athlos blended the bamboo fibre with an anti-odour tech made from Silver. The result: a tee that stays fresh over hours of use.