Athlos Mens Raglan Tee (Washed Black)

Athlos Mens Raglan Tee (Washed Black)

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Whether you're doing your training runs or evening lifts at the gym, there's no better training tee. We designed this athletic tee for the ones who love to work up a healthy sweat and wear their workout with pride. Soft and breathable, with an anti-odour finish, it's the training tee you always wished for.

Fabric Composition - 68% bamboo + 27% Cotton & 5% Mobilon Spandex.

Recommended For - 5km, 8Km, Interval Runs, Gym, Yoga, Treks, base Layers.

Nature's Performance Fabric When it comes to performance fabric, bamboo is sort of a revelation. It's breathable, wicking, and feels incredibly cool against your skin. Unlike synthetic fabric, bamboo stays cozy and comfortable even when soaked with sweat. Combined with a 4-way stretch and an anti-odour technology, we believe that's how athletic tees should be.

Taking A Raincheck On Odour-We blended the bamboo fibre with an anti-odour tech made from Silver. The result: a tee that stays fresh over hours of use.