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Mastermind Bicycle Studio is proud to be the Exclusive Distributor of India for ASSOS. This is a brand from Switzerland, the World's best when it comes to Cycling Apparels!

Assos is a brand, which is hugely popular among the racers as well as Endurance athletes, where the athletes swear by the quality of the Assos Bibshorts and the padding which is of the highest quality. If you are a Cyclist who is into distance riding, or looking to make your cycling rides the most comfortable on your saddle, then ASSOS is your best friend always!

The fabric used in the Assos Bibshorts and the special Elastic Interface padding in every short/bibshort, makes Assos the best available cycling apparel currently available in India, not just by miles, but by light years!

The T Equipe EVO BibShorts of Assos family is for the riders who like to breakaway and lead from the front!

They feature ASSOS' proven Type.429 Titanio fabric, a resilient, slightly compressive textile with high elasticity that provides comfortable and consistent support for your legs when moving in the pedals.

The very design of the bib shorts gives you several tiny advantages that really build up together when it matters the most. Olympics-proven aero patterning included is seriously aerodynamic for great gains, while further compression is provided with the single seam thigh fabric. Grippers and the Y7 frame carrier bibTec come together in perfect synergy to keep everything exactly where it needs to be, and you also get OdourControl bacterial treatment to keep you fresher over longer rides.

Whether you’re tearing up the road or taking a particularly tricksy commuter route, the high-tech features of the T Équipe Evo Shorts will get you through in comfort and style.

The Star Feature of any Assos BibShort is the special customised padding from Elastic Interface. Equipe EVO BibShorts have a Equipe Evo S7 Padding, with a 8mm Memory Foam!

This revised insert is nestled at the intersection between comfort and performance. Central to the fit is the patented elastic insert interface, which was invented by ASSOS and sees the insert move with your body, allowing it to sit in one place to follow your movements, reduce friction and increase comfort.

The fabric of this Bib Short feels like second skin while riding! A fit that is tighter and slightly more compressive than our alternative regularFit and comfortFit options. May feel restrictive out of the riding position but feels like a second skin while riding and results in a higher performance, improved comfort and less drag.

Did we talk about Krater Ventilation?! This includes the addition of small holes at the front of the insert, which increase airflow so that your most sensitive areas are kept cooler, leading to more comfort and one less reason to cut your ride short early.

We are serious, when we say that Assos will be one of the best investments you can make in your Cycling Life!

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