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Mastermind Bicycle Studio is proud to be the Exclusive Distributor of India for ASSOS. This is a brand from Switzerland, the World's best when it comes to Cycling Apparels!

Assos is a brand, which is hugely popular among the racers as well as Endurance athletes, where the athletes swear by the quality of the Assos Bibshorts and the padding which is of the highest quality. If you are a Cyclist who is into distance riding, or looking to make your cycling rides the most comfortable on your saddle, then ASSOS is your best friend always!

The fabric used in the Assos Bibshorts and the special Elastic Interface padding in every short/bibshort, makes Assos the best available cycling apparel currently available in India, not just by miles, but by light years!


The Mille GT Half-Shorts of Assos family offers the perfect comfort for the riders over distances. Mille GT is just the start of the Assos family, but having said that, it is by far the most superior horts in India at this price point. They feature ASSOS' proven Type.429 Titanio fabric, a resilient, slightly compressive textile with high elasticity that provides comfortable and consistent support for your legs when moving in the pedals.

Assos' Mille GT Half Cycle Shorts are their highly capable all-rounders. Big rides, quick spins, indoor training and virtually everything in between, these waist cycling shorts bring unrivalled comfort to your saddle-based exploits. The waist design features super-soft Aerofit fabric in a fold-over construction to the front, delivering incredible pressure-free comfort across the stomach.


The bib-free Zero-Pressure waist embodies our C2 AEPD click-fit ethos with a secure hold on the sides and back, and a panel insert on the front stretches to accommodate aggressive positioning on the bike and deep breathing during hard efforts. The updated insert inherited increased ventilation from our premium models, and 3mm of additional thickness increase long-ride comfort

The Memory foam (or Golf Ball padding) does not allow the padding to get suppressed under heavy weight or prolonged hours of riding. There are examples of riders riding the Assos Half-Shorts for long number of years, but the padding refuses to press, since the memory foam helps the padding to retain its original shape again!

The 3D Waffle layer structure given to the padding is a point of brilliance. It improves the breathability by a large degree, with the padding being stitched to the shorts only where it matters! Unlike any other brand, the kraterCooler system of stitching gives immense comfort over longer hours in the saddle.


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