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Mastermind Bicycle Studio is proud to be the Exclusive Distributor of India for ASSOS. This is a brand from Switzerland, the World's best when it comes to Cycling Apparels!

Assos is a brand, which is hugely popular among the racers as well as Endurance athletes, where the athletes swear by the quality of the Assos Bibshorts and the padding which is of the highest quality. If you are a Cyclist who is into distance riding, or looking to make your cycling rides the most comfortable on your saddle, then ASSOS is your best friend always!

The fabric used in the Assos Bibshorts and the special Elastic Interface padding in every short/bibshort, makes Assos the best available cycling apparel currently available in India, not just by miles, but by light years!

The Cento EVO Bibshorts in the Assos Family are the top of the line, premium, and the best-in-class apparel you can gift yourself for your cycling rides. Wearing a Cento EVO is often considered the most premium feeling a cyclist can get while riding the bike.

The new Cento EVO is the evolution of ASSOS's iconic Cento, fully loaded with refined details and its proven long-distance-comfort recipe.

Cento is synonymous with long-distance comfort, and the latest iteration of this staple, fully loaded bib short takes that sentiment a step further. The ALL NEW Cento EVO Bibshorts are our favorite comfort fit platform, evolved with an updated insert and refinements throughout.

The Star Feature of Assos Cento EVO BibShort is the special customised and patented padding and the incredible fabric to go with, to match the comfort and also the high aspirations of the cyclist when it comes to peformance long distance cycling.

Assos has installed top-of-the-line Type.439 textile for the main panels, as it's incredibly comfortable against the skin. With two different rates of four-way stretch, it also delivers a nice, compressive hold for a smooth, supportive wrap along the thighs. This proprietary fabric provides exceptional breathability, and it rapidly transfers moisture to its quick-drying outer surface. With the Cento EVO, the fit is a touch more generous around the lower abdominals than our racingFit options, and Assos added the all new raw-cut zeroWaist to ensure a smooth and comfortable hold on a variety of body types.

The back panel is constructed using the acclaimed Y7 Frame Carrier design and Stabilizator mesh, resulting in a flat, stable structure that disappears between the shoulder blades for a smooth, supportive hold. The MAIN PREMIUM FEATURE is the padding here, it’s the latest new black CENTO EVO, featuring 10mm of plush memory foam and kukuPenthouse for dependable comfort and support on every ride.

Key Features of CENTO EVO, nothing beats it !

Type.439 Diadema: A textile design created with our fabric suppliers to meet our demands of performance, comfort, and durability. Unique within the industry, the weave has two different rates of 4-way stretch, requiring great expertise to maximize the elasticity of the fabric on the cutting table.

CENTO S7 EVO: The CENTO elastic interface insert, evolved. New black colorway, and our proven 10mm of memory foam, this insert is nestled at the intersection between comfort and performance.

3D waffle: A patented, three-layer perforated foam that increases breathability and eliminates excess weight.

goldenGate: A patented technology that interrupts the stitching along both of the insert’s side panels, allowing a more three-dimensional freedom of movement in this sensitive, rotational area.

kukuPenthouse: A soft, brushed microfiber layer added to the front part of the insert that supports the male anatomy, eliminates pressure, and increases ventilation.

Y7 Frame Carrier Bib Tech: Wide, flexible bib straps converge at the upper back in a Y-shape design, resulting in a flat, stable structure that disappears between the shoulder blades.

Stabilizator V3: Dorsal stabilizer in a solid mesh with limited vertical stretch. Includes updated line graphics.

Ultralight Leg Grippers: A light silicon treatment woven into the leg bands, which reduces fabric bulk and secures the shorts in place without any excessive pressure.

zeroWaist: A raw-cut, tape-reinforced edge for the smoothest transition possible between the body and fabric panel. More comfort with less pressure.

Reflective Bands: Placed on the backs of the thighs for added visibility.

regularFit: Optimized for total comfort in the riding position, with a more relaxed cut than our second-skin racingFit.

We are serious, when we say that Assos will be one of the best investments you can make in your Cycling Life!

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