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Mastermind Bicycle Studio is proud to be the EXCLUSIVE Distributor of India for MAVIC.

Aksium is truly the most reliable everyday performance wheelset which you can buy for your beloved road bike. Most of the road bikes in India come with stock wheelsets, which in most of the cases are not of superior build and quality. For the riders who want to upgrade their performance in a short spend, Aksium is the best choice!

When we say Entry-Level, we often think it would compromise performance. But with Aksium being the entry level wheelset in Mavic, it is proven to be much superior than even some mid level wheelsets of other brands.

About Aksium

The reliable all round performance is indeed designed, keeping in mind the demands of the everyday cyclist. With Aksium, the fastest performance upgrade is guaranteed!

Aksium is a great choice for everyday road riding. With a smart balance of high-quality materials and durable construction, it offers aspiring road riders the clear performance benefits of a high-quality wheelset.

Mavic quality at an accessible price, wider rims and durable hubs make Aksium a great choice for everyday road riding.

Freehub Body : Shimano/SRAM Type

​Weight : 1840 Grams (Pair)

Spoke Type : Straight Pull and Round

Material : S6000 Aluminum

Compatibility : Quick Release Only (Rim Brake Bikes)

Rim Depth : 21 mm

QRM Cartridge Bearings

Spoke Lacing Pattern

The Aksium Rim Brake version is built with a unique spoke lacing pattern. It has round spokes on the front and read non-drive side, and flat spokes on the rear drive side!

With a neat 20 spokes per wheel, this pattern is eye catching, as much it is known for its lightweight advantage!


Force Transfer System Light Reinforcement is a path breaking innovation by MAVIC for its entry level wheelset, where the hub body is reinforced, allowing the 100% usage of Aluminium to lower the weight considerably.


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