TRC Bartape (Honeycomb)

Rs. 4,390.00
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This tape was born with a single-point focus in the mind of the designer - to make the experience so comfortable that the rider forgets the clock ticking by!

This product was also intended to be a go-to solution for a rider wanting a grippy tape. The silicon web in an exquisite hexagonal honeycomb pattern was introduced to enable this tape for being used even without a pair of gloves.

​In addition to its quality, hexagonal honeycomb's symmetrical pattern and organic geometry have found their way into art, design, and fashion.

Technical specs


2160 mm

Length of one tape roll


47 gms (per roll)

Weight of one tape roll


2.8 mm

Thickness of the tape


Finish Tape

Included (x2)


Bar-End Plugs

Fibre Screw-In Type (x2)


Sturdy and long lasting

TRC bar tape is built for exceptional sturdiness and longevity, ensuring it withstands the rigors of even the most demanding rides. 

Plush feel on the palms

TRC bar tape offers a plush feel on the palms, providing exceptional comfort and cushioning during your rides. This ensures that your hands remain comfortable and fatigue-free, even on long journeys.

Eco-friendly design

This commitment to the environment ensures that you can enjoy top-quality performance while minimizing your ecological footprint.

Screw-in bar-end plugs

Our bar tape comes with screw-in bar-end plugs, providing a secure and reliable fit. These plugs ensure your bar tape stays firmly in place.

Convenient wrapping / No fear of failure

TRC bar tape offers convenient wrapping, ensuring an easy and hassle-free installation process. 

Unique texture giving a hard assured grip

Our bar tape features a unique texture that provides a firm and assured grip. This design enhances your control and confidence during every ride.

Ride with confidence and grip like never before with TRC Bartapes!

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