Triathlete I Ketaki Sathe

Hello, Myself Ketaki Sathe, based in Mumbai. Since I started triathlon years ago, I've been passionate about it, and I want to continue my journey for as long as I can.

When did you start doing Triathlons ?

20 years back from now, I started from running in sports as a hobby . At the beginning I was only a runner primarly for a few years ago, had done lots of running events like half marathon, full marathon and eventually meet with an injury. At one point, doctors told me to stop running as I can harm myself by doing it.

As a result 10 years ago, I started cycling just to regulate some physical activities and over the time I stumbled into triathlon. After a time, I started cycling with athletes and eventually, I felt enthusiastic about triathlon.

Can you tell us about your experience with Triathlon?

As experienece point of view, I totaly enjoyed all my triathlon events, It's my goal to improve myself in every aspect of my week at every race,

Ironman Goa 2019 brought me podium and Ironman 2022 brought me first place in my category, though all my experiences have been wonderful.

Cycling and swimming have totally inspired me to stay positive and healthy at both the personal and professional levels of my life. Running has always been a close to my heart

What difficulties you faced in your triathlon journey?

Talking about the challenges and difficulties, Swimming was a little difficult for me, even 100 meters seemed difficult to me, In the beginning, I practiced a lot till I succeeded in swimming at the right time and in such circumstances, I learned a great deal from the sports, enabling me to conquer more paths in the future with more strength.

What is your most memorable experience in Triathlon?

As a triathlete, I would like to share my very first triathlon from 2017. I had a lot of fun memories about it, I was nervous and excited at the same time, it was bit challenging for me, since I was about to swim open water for the first time.

My swim performance came second last, but I continued racing through my never give up attitude and covered the rest of my time with the cycling and most probably by running.

It was a great feeling to complete my swimming and, although I gave it my best shot throughout the competition, I was very satisfied with my performance. So far, this has been the most fun and memorable experience of my life.

Can you tell me about your mindset and how you manage your nutrition and equipments on race day?

Regarding mindset, I get nervous and excited at the same time, have a feeling of gratitude and a feeling of joy for what I love to do.

In terms of nutrition, I always prefer Energy gels and electrolytes with water as they provide instant energy on race day.

Regarding my equipment, I had a podium finish on the Ceepo Mamba R, which has truly impressed me with its performance and the right equipment like Trisuits that helped me during races, and carbon plate shoes that gave me more power on the roads. So the right equipmet is important on the race day.

What's your message to every women out there who wants to pursue her athletic journey?

I believe that women can pursue their passion for sports regardless of their professional or personal lives if they set their priorities, their limitations, and sometimes they have to compromise their social life so that they can devote enough time to their sports or to their training that they can give their sports the attention they deserve.

In conclusion, I want to share my message with all the women out there who love endurance sports. I want them to realize that endurance sports are so valuable in their lives, because they teach empathy and humour, and they add value to their lives.