Cyclist & Runner | Reena Srivastava

Hi, I am Reena Srivastava and I live in Gurgaon. Originally from Mumbai.

I have been a state level Kabaddi player and found new love in Cycling and running amidst covid lockdowns.

When did your Cycling/Running/Tri journey begin?

I have been into fitness since my college days, took to cycling and running in 2020 as due to Covid all other activities were limited. I have done many century rides and half marathons till date.

How do you make time to pursue your sport?

I believe that we do not have time for sport but WE NEED TO FIND time. I wake up at 4 AM to ensure I am out there with my bike cruising across Delhi-NCR with my special bunch of buddies. We cycle, we laugh, we celebrate little successes and that this what adds life to my days.  

How has cycling changed /impacted your health and lifestyle?

For me, riding a cycle aided me break a crippling cycle of self-doubt and fear. I developed a love for outdoors. I bike. I hike. I run... I made many strong and lasting friendships. I am more confident, feel empowered and self-reliant now. Being active has also made me more disciplined. I have a set schedule, I watch what I eat, I am stronger physically & mentally, not always tired and have the energy to spend more time with my 2 naughty munchkins.

What is your most memorable Cycling/Running moment/ride?

My most memorable event has been a “Trek for Kids” wherein I raised £4584 for supporting Children worldwide. In March 2021, I trekked for 100 kms in Himalayas across glaciers, forests, valleys, meadows, ancient villages and temples and achieved 2 peaks of 12500 ft each (Kedarkantha and Har ki Dun) in 9 days. It was truly a breathtaking journey with the joy of reaching the summit, the stunning views along the way, the feeling of weightlessness as you slide down from the snow covered peaks and the sense of awe as you are immersed in the wilderness. I was few of the lucky ones to achieve my target despite inclement weather in the unforgiving Himalayas. My training which included cycling, running and weight training for 4 hours everyday helped me achieve my goal with ease!  

What's your message to every women out there who wants to pursue her athletic journey?

Its about taking that first step. Break your inhibitions and go out there, explore life. Fitness cannot be bought; it has to be earned and once you have earned it, nobody can take it from you. Nobody else but only you can change your life and its course, so take charge and you will reach new heights that you had never imagined. And once you start; life is a journey, so never stop!