Garmin Lily - In-Depth Product Review


On the occasion of Women's Day, Garmin has launched a new women centric fitness cum fashion watch.

The Garmin LILY.

The Lily is all about style, fashion, fitness and appeal. The watch is classic enough to make a statement, modern enough to keep you connected and sporty to track all your fitness activities. It is Garmin's lightest and most sleek watch upto date. A 34 mm diameter and fully touchscreen display makes the watch look more like a bracelet when worn. We have tried and tested the watch deeply to give an insight into this new gizmo from Garmin. The Lily.

Lets dive straight into the watch :


Garmin is proud to offer its smallest smartwatch so far. A 34-mm diameter is indeed very special. Instead of mechanical keys, the watch is touchscreen with is a sensor key underneath the display, which is protected by Gorilla Glass 3.

To turn on the watch one needs connect it to power supply.


Designed by women, for women.

Sleek Watch Case, Effortless Style, Thoughtfully Smart.

The hallmark of a classic with Italian calf leather. Fabulously versatile to match every style.

Lily is small and chic - with flick of your wrist, the stylish patterned lens lights up to reveal a bright touchscreen display. What sets the Lily apart is the wallpaper display. In a wallpaper display the background of the display is a having a pattern onto which the display lights up.

This makes your watch look like a bracelet. Its gives a 3D effect giving the watch an aesthetic appeal.

The watch goes very on formal attires, making the Lily a complete watch.

At the flick of your wrist the watch will turn up its display.

The watch looks more like a piece of jewelry. Thanks to the wallpaper display by Garmin.

Smartwatch Features

From a features & specifications standpoint, here are the basics – Smartwatch with 24×7 activity tracking for steps/distance/calories

– Optical HR sensor for 24×7 heart rate tracking
– PulseOx sensor for sleeping SpO2 tracking
– Tracks respiration/breathing rate 24×7
– Tracks stress and sleep automatically
– Sports tracking including using Connected GPS (doesn’t have GPS internally)
– Sport tracking modes include running (outside & treadmill), cycling, yoga, walk, cardio, breathwork, strength training,     stair stepper, elliptical, and pool swimming.
– Displays smartphone notifications, as well as details like calendar appointments and the weather
– Has live tracking, including safety and incident alerts
– Includes female health tracking for both menstrual cycles and pregnancy tracking
– Claimed battery life of up to five days (inclusive of smartphone notifications being enabled)
– Tracks your VO2Max based on workout data
– Does not include stair tracking (no barometric altimeter)
– Does not include connecting to ANT+ or Bluetooth Smart HR straps
– Does not include broadcasting of your HR via ANT+ or Bluetooth Smart to other apps/devices (such as a Peloton Bike)
– Does not include Garmin Pay contactless payments
– Does not include music storage/playback, but can control music on your phone



You can record plenty of activities on your Lily from run, swim, walk, ride, cardio, strength and many more. The Lily doesn't come with an in-built GPS. It relies on your smartphone to track your location. This can be a setback for those who don't want to carry their smartphone with them during their fitness activities.

Lily also supports Garmin widgets (not Connect IQ). Widgets include more detailed information than the watch face. There’s dedicated widgets for an overview of your day, heart rate driven stats like stress and intensity minutes, your calendar, weather, hydration, female health tracking, body battery, heart rate, and steps.

The Lily has a water resistance rating of 5ATM, meaning it can be submerged to depths up to 50 meters for 10 minutes – fine for pool swimming and showering

With the Lily, shift immediately to workout mode at your office gym. Just tap into activities, chose your activity and double tap to start recording. It has a very simple and user friendly interface.  

Special Features

Garmin Connect : Tracking Your Menstrual Cycle

Your menstrual cycle is an important part of your health. You can set up this feature in the Health Stats settings of the Garmin Connect App. Features like:

  1. Menstrual cycle tracking and details
  2. Physical and emotional symptoms
  3. Period and fertility predictions
  4. Health and nutrition information


This function guides you through each week of your pregnancy, providing expecting moms with practical guidance and information as the preganancy progresses so you can keep everything under control single-handedly.


With Lily you can keep tabs on your menstrual cycle so you keep up your nutrition, get enough rest and get other tips for how to breeze through even the toughest of days.


According to Garmin, the battery lasts up to five days. To charge the device it took 30 mins for half charge and 90 mins for a full charge. The battery life is shortened if one activates the automatic Move IQ movement recognition as well as the automatic measurement of the blood oxygen saturation at night. In this scenario the lily's battery only lasted for abour 2 days.


The Lily is the go-to smartwatch for someone looking for a watch at the intersection of fitness and fashion. At a competitive price the watch is going to be a a huge hit in the market.

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