Why Stryd

STRYD guides you to run at your Optimal Intensity

Stryd takes into account the hill elevations, wind directions and speeds, your recent running form and your fatigue levels (because life happens, right?), so you can train at precisely the right effort on runs of any distance on any terrain. Plus, because Stryd doesn’t rely on GPS, it works the same on a treadmill, indoors, or outside!

Execute your workouts perfectly and perform at your best on race day. Run by Power.

Better Than GPS

With better consistency and responsiveness than GPS, Stryd’s motion-capture technology paces you with precision, even when running indoors or in places where GPS falters.

Long Lasting & Lightweight

At only 8 grams and with 20+ hours of run-time per charge, clip it on your shoe and forget it. It's so light you'll forget it's there and most Stryd owners only need to charge it once a month.

Weather Resistant

Stryd goes where you go. With an IP67 rating, Stryd is water resistant and built to accompany you on every run.

Just snap it on and run!

Real-Time Guidance On Your Watch

You can view your power directly on your watch.

Real-time guidance enables you to make adjustments to your running intensity when you encounter wind, hills, fatigue and more so you always train at the right intensity.

With power, you get the most out of every workout.

Why leave anything to chance? You have science on your wrist!

Upgrade Your Garmin Watch With STRYD

Stryd is compatible with all Connect IQ enabled Garmin watches so see your power and other metrics, such as pace and distance, with an extra level of precision.

Plus on Connect IQ 3.0+ watches, you have the ability to do guided workouts via the Stryd Workout App.

Upgrade Your Apple Watch With STRYD

Try the best of Stryd and elevate your Apple Watch to a top-tier runner’s watch.

Get workout guidance, accurate running data, and customized data screens to experience a pro running experience with Stryd + Apple Watch.

Apple watch now becomes a Pure-Breed runner's watch with STRYD!

How is Running different with STRYD?

Power is your go-to guide during any moment of your run. Look at your watch (or phone) and get immediate guidance at the right intensity you should be running at.

Running uphill is often a daunting task for most runners. And even the runners who enjoy running up the hills, they often struggle to pace themselves correcrtly so as not to burn themselves out during the course of the hill. In many of the marathons, there are sections of uphills which often require the most planning of pacing, so that you do not hit the wall for the rest of the marathon.

The miracle answer to this puzzle is one : POWER. Yes, dear runners, POWER is the holy grail in any sport. In the sport of Cycling, power has since many years helped the cyclists pace themselves during training and races. Now with STRYD, even runners have the advantage of using the Power metric to improve their running form.

So when you run uphill, how do you decide your pace? How do you decide the intensity when the terrain gets hilly? If you decide on feel, you never know how your body will react AFTER the hill segment is over. If you decide on Heart Rate, there is every chance that the heart rate number is not the correct picture because heart rate varies on number of parameters like sleep pattern, fatigue levels, weather conditions, nutrition, health, etc. But there is one metric which doesn't change - POWER. The watts which your legs generate while running or cycling never change. Power always depicts the absolute true picture of the intensity load your body is taking and also gives you an accurate idea of how much fuel is left in your body tank for the rest of the marathon!

So when you run uphill, just look at the power number on your wrist. By maintaining a certain power number on the basis of your training, you will exactly know the intensity to maintain. Forget the pace, forget the time, just maintain your target power number, and you will sail through. If you train your legs to generate the same watts whther you are running uphill or downhill or on flats, you will never hit the wall in your race!

What does your first run with STRYD look like?

Running with power may be a new training tool but it has been made exceptionally easy to experience the full benefits with the help of your watch and smartphone.


Pair Stryd with your watch (or phone) and input your training goals.


Get a personalized target power number for your run directly on your watch.


Follow the power targets on your watch in real-time to train and reach your goals.


Review your stats on your phone (or computer) to see how well you executed the run

Do you know when you get fitter?
Well, Stryd does. Instantly!

Instant Fitness Tracking

As you get fitter, Stryd automatically updates your training targets. You’ll know what to target for every run to ensure you get the most out of every run!

Second-Precision Race Planning

STRYD helps you plan and predict your next race finish time down to the second. Upload your race course, input the expected weather conditions, and STRYD tells you how fast you will race.

Easily Manage Your Training Stress

Stryd’s running stress balance tells you when you are in the sweet spot for training or when you need to rest.

The result? You can run more meaningful miles without unnecessarily pushing too hard.

Adaptive, Power-Based Training

Stryd’s power-based training plans scale with your growing ability. As you improve, the plans update to account for your new level of fitness.

Need to take a break from training? It is easy to resume when you are ready. Perform a test to show your new fitness level and STRYD helps you get back on track.


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