Why CeramicSpeed

Mastermind Bicycle Studio is the Authorised Exclusive Distributor for CeramicSpeed in India. Our Online Shop and our Retail Showrooms are one-stop-stores for all CeramicSpeed products in India.

Your Choice, Your Advantage!

One hidden force affects your speed and efficiency on the bike – friction. That’s why, when you’re optimising your bike, it’s worth focusing on every detail, especially the small moving parts that are affected by friction.

CeramicSpeed technology focuses on reducing friction and producing bearings with an unmatched lifetime, meaning that you get to ride faster or save energy.

Bottom Bracket is often considered the Holy Grail of the Bike. And that's why we always consider the Bottom Bracket upgrade as the prime most important factor in your chase for efficiency and speed!

We are not talking about Saved Seconds, but Saved Minutes!

CeramicSpeed products help you ride faster using less energy. This can be the difference between winning and losing. Whether you ride for pleasure or you are a pro athlete fighting the clock, you will always benefit from riding with CeramicSpeed products.

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