Indoor Cycling Apps for Virtual Smart Training


SCIENCE and SPORT go hand in hand. They continuously push each others limits for constant developments. This has not only revolutionized the sport of cycling but also how we train indoors. Gone are the days of where people used to train for long hours at a fixed resistance.

Technology has created faster, more compact and efficient machines over time.

Now, with a growing variety of virtual bike training applications, cycling smart trainers (also known as cycle trainers or indoor trainers) and watt bikes indoor cycling training is the new normal for bike training.  

Train the way you want, with the software you want, with the trainer you want, wherever you want.

If you’re looking to ride with a virtual training application, we have made a list of our go-to platforms.

The Most Popular Indoor Cycling Applications


Zwift on trainer is a massively popular multiplayer online cycling and running physical training program that enables users to interact, train and compete in a virtual world, doing the workouts, at a very affordable price.

Players in India and the world love to cycle freely around the game world and join organized group rides, races, or workouts with other users.

Zwift is very easy to download, your digital destination for fitness fun and adventure.



The only virtual training software of its kind with augmented reality. Rouvy will give you access to a 2000 plus real life video with some of the best routes and workouts from across the globe.

Have fun and reap the benefits of a full workout paired with the excitement of riding a smart bike trainer along real routes all over the world.


TrainerRoad training software connects you to the data that matters most. By using science-based planning, training and analysis tools to increase your performance with cycling’s most complete & effective training system.

Turn your watts into a training plan with TrainerRoad.

Utilizing your power data, TrainerRoad tailors every workout to your personal fitness level, helping you achieve the ultimate goal – to get faster.


Run, Ride or row from home! Kinomap turns your equipment into a powerful tool for a fun training session. Play a sport from home with Kinomap. Featuring over 170,000 miles of courses for cycling, running or rowing, train all over the world with Kinomap.



Choose from thousands of video and 3D routes or upload your own routes! It is the most realistic simulator and fitness app that adapts you to give the best training experience.

Experience indoor cycling like never before, no limits.

Lose yourself in the most realistic immersive training experience on the planet!


Designed by world-class sports scientists, The Sufferfest combines personalized workouts with yoga, mental and strength training to help you reach your potential as an athlete and take your performance to the next level.

One app. Everything you need to get #MoreThanFaster.


RGT Cycling is the world’s most realistic indoor cycling simulator.
Experience the best in action packed virtual races, enjoy riding with friends on a group ride and use structured workouts and training plans to get fitter, faster and stronger.



Become a better athlete and explore the world with the Tacx indoor training software!

Enjoy a library filled with high quality training films, structured training plans, GPS workouts, tools to analyse and share your data, race and follow your friends.


Compatible Indoor Smart Trainers

All these Apps/Applications/Softwares mentioned above work well with any smart interactive indoor trainers in the market. Interactive cycle trainers work the best because they are capable of interacting with the simulations in the various Apps.

The most popular indoor smart trainer brands are Tacx, Wahoo, Elite, Kurt Kinetic, and many others. We advise the athletes to choose the trainers based on the availability, target price range, seller support, and whatever other parameters suitable.

The Future Of Indoor Training is StagesBike!

The Stages Bike SB20 is the best smart bike option for indoor cycling training.

There are many cyclists, triathletes and racing/endurance athletes, who look to train indoor on the bicycle, for strength training and quality purpose. There are various options available in the market to buy indoor smart trainers like Tacx, Wahoo, Elite, etc. But most of the athletes suffer from the pain of taking the bike on and off the trainer. The most ideal scenario for cycling training is the combination of indoor and outdoor rides.

The Stages Bike SB20 makes life very easy for the athlete. SB20 is capable of replicating your bike position with 100 percent precision. Moreover, the SB20 can be the ultimate solution for the entire family to experience the world of Cycling from close quarters. The SB20 is fully customisable for every rider height, flexibility, body weight and age.

The SB20 Indoor Bike Setup can also be a one stop solution for your queries on how and which bike to purchase, how to try a new bike geometry before you buy your new bike, and of course it serves your training purpose to ride indoors, being perfectly compatible with Zwift, Trainerroad, Sufferfest, and all other training apps. The ANT+ and Bluetooth connectivity of StagesBike is the most versatile and highly reliable.

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